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What's The Good Word?!!


Testimonials for Foster's Mentoring Program

Abby, CFRI 2018 Wholesaling Academy & Bus Tour participant, 9/21-22/2018

This could be you...she bought 1201 Gattis and is already flipping it!!

Learning Real Estate with Foster Algier is made clear and simple. While studying under Foster, I was able to not only learn the business of selling and buying Investment Real Estate but I was fortunate enough to do it "hands-on" while working side-by-side with my mentor. He teaches all the basic information one needs to start in Real Estate and also all the "secrets" he's learned along the way through his lengthy career. After my apprenticeship I left prepared, empowered, and confident to pursue my career in Commercial Real Estate.

Miguel Ramirez
May 15, 2017


Good morning Foster,

Enjoyed the presentation last night at CFRI and especially your experienced insights.

Lester Remhof

Attended the CFRI Wholesaling Panel on 9/5/2018


Hi Foster,

I was so impressed with your positive approach, knowledge, experience and sense of humor. Thanks!

Huy V. Bui

Attended the CFRI Wholesaling Panel on 9/5/2018

Foster was very fair, open and honest about the whole investor sale process. We did not have time to complete the final updates to a family house and wanted to sell it quickly. He came out to look at the house and let us know what he could do in terms of price. We agreed and within 10 days the home was sold and we paid no closing costs at all. It was the easiest real estate transaction I've ever been through. Highly recommend First Alliance Capital!

Thank you,
Angela Matusik

Re: Concerning Purchase of 4918 Kempston Drive, Orlando, Florida, from Shirley Adiena Carter

Dear. Foster :

Now that we have closed on the Kempston property I would like to thank you, for the professional manner in which you and your associates handled the purchase of this property from my wife. You and your staff were a pleasure to work with in this transaction. You offered a fair price and terms. You kept your word and followed through on all those things we agreed upon. I wish you all the best in your future ventures.


Walter Jackson Carter

I give First Alliance Capital all 5's for their excellent service for providing me with a quick sale and good communication along the way


Thank you Foster! It's very great hearing a comment like that from someone like you, being one of the most popular and great investors in Central Florida. I appreciate your business and I will be here if you need me to close anything else for you.


September 17, 2012

"I met Foster at CFRI and he is a long time member. Foster is a very friendly and helpful. He is always willing to help with working out a deal. He always brings great deals to the meetings and on his web site. He is also involved in the community donating time and money to several local charities. He is a friend and a mentor. I admire his experience and generosity with his charities."

Andy Carson
February 15, 2011

"Foster is an honest and hard working person. I have always known him to tell it like he sees it."

Bruce Elliott


Your "non-structured" presentation at last night's meeting was one of the best I've been to at CFRI.

Thanks for being so candid, and taking the time to answer mine and everyone else's questions. It's very much appreciated. I look forward to the next time you will be speaking at one of the meetings in the future."

Michael Moore
CFRI Member, Brevard County
Palm Bay / Melbourne Area

"I have known Foster Algier for about 5 years and have found him to be a reputable and knowledgeable investor/realtor. He's a community minded businessman and sets an admirable example for others to follow."

Augie Byllott

(Augie Bylott is a well-known national speaker, as well as a prominent real estate coach and investor. This endorsement means a lot!)

"I first met Foster in 2002 or 2003. I attended one of his forclosure workshops in Longwood. The workshop was very informative and touched on the "finer points" of buying, fixing up and selling forclosures. Which is EXACTLY why I was attending. It's all about the "little things". Anyway many of my clients are real estate investors and everyone ended up knowing everyone else. We have done several deals together. I was able to trust Foster and I know he knows what he is talking about. All of us have our niche of expertise and Foster brings value to the table."

Tom Ulbrich,

"I can confidently reccommend Foster as someone you can trust to do business with. I have worked with him for several years in real estate as a fellow wholesale investor. We have done many deals together and he has always conducted himself with the utmost integrity. You'll enjoy doing business with Foster and First Alliance Capital, LLC!!!"

Susie Reale,

"Foster Algier is just one of those people that you want to do business with. He is the largest wholesaler of single family homes in Central Florida and has a sterling reputation for his honesty and integrity. I have the pleasure of serving with him on the board of directors of the second largest real estate investors group in the State of Florida and found his generosity and his willingness to give back to his fellow members and his community to be exemplary. I would highly recommend him as both a friend and business associate."

Rick Puglisi,

I met Foster at a wholesaler forum CFRI had last year. I get his emails and he always has great deals. He's well known in the community and offers a mentorship program that might be of your interest.

Carmen Rivera

Thanks for your emails and please keep me updated as I am actively seeking investors in your area.



I attended your first Webinar tonight. Thank you for your input. I was at Linda Streetman's gathering the other night and you were there. I had never met you before but I knew you appeared to be a serious investor when I saw you at her event. Then a couple of days later I got an invite to this Webinar and they posted your photo with it. My wife and I purchased one of your properties 2 years ago. I would love to show you the pictures of that someday. I am a building contractor/carpenter (35 years). I have thought on several occasions that I would like to meet you and be able to learn from you. I am just finished with a COMPLETE remodel of the property that we bought from your company. It has been quite a learning experience. Now I need to refine my knowledge and use all my experiences (good and bad) to find (bird dog) and flip or find and fix or find and keep, and hopefully translate that into making money! I'll be seeing you again soon.

Van Van Swearingen


Thanks for taking the time to put together and present a deal at last night's CFRI general meeting. The DOM (Deal of the Month) program is, I think, one of the best parts of the general meeting. It is real people, approachable fellow members, who the audience can relate to. And I hope the exposure helps your business. I have a certificate and gift card for you that the CFRI office will send to you in the mail. When you get a chance please send me a recap of the presentation that I can work with for the newsletter. The article will further offer expose to you and your business, so it's all good. Thanks again!

Bruce Hefka
Vice President

Dear Foster,

I have purchased several houses from First Alliance Capital and the experience has been great and very REWARDING. First Alliance is great at providing wholesale houses at wholesale prices.

Keith LaPrade

Dear Foster,

On behalf of the Orlando Breakfast Rotary Club and the children of Orange Center School, we offer this short note of thanks for your generous donation. Your kind donation will provide school supplies, books and activities which would be otherwise unobtainable to these children.

Thank you once again,

Alan Frenkel
Orlando Breakfast Rotary Club

Foster Algier,

This award is presented to you in Appreciation of your Service and Dedication to the Launching of the Investors Resource Center, LLC. We couldn't have done it without you!


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